Manage Registrations

Create new registrations quickly and easily


Configure your registration with options like type, stats options, open and close dates and payment options.


Add any additional info that is not already added to the registration.


The contact for any questions about this registration.


Limit registration to specific divisions.

Age Groups

For youth registrations you can create age groups.


Add fields to collect information about players registering.


Add any PDF documents you want the registrant to agree to such as a waiver or refund policy.

Registration Fees

Create a payment schedule, allow pay later and add tax.


Add discounts to registration fees such as: coupon codes, early bird, age groups and family discounts.


Sell additional items like merchandise or add optional fees.


Add a message that is displayed after the registration is complete. This message will also be emailed as well.

Copy Registrations

Save time by creating a new registration copy from an existing registration.

Roster Players

For players that registered without a team you can easily rosters players onto teams.

Registration Reports

Generate registration reports and then download them in a .csv spreadsheet format.

Financial Reports

Generate financial reports for monetary registrations to track amounts paid and outstanding.

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