Manage Stats

From scheduling to scoring, it's made easy on BasketballShift

Add Games

If you only need to add a few games you can quickly schedule games via the Add Games page.

Import Games

If you're looking to add many games at once you can create your schedule in your favorite spreadsheet program. Then upload your spreadsheet file and the system will schedule all your games.

Custom Stats Tables

You can hide or show and rearrange stats fields on any stats page.


You can rank your team's standings by 12 different options. Points awarded for game outcomes can be changed for every outcome.

Playoff Brackets

Select the number of teams and create your bracket. Then select the teams as they move through the rounds.

Import Teams and Players

You can import players and teams from a spreadsheet file to save time from manually adding them.

Team Logos & Player Photos

You can add team logos and player photos which makes your stats pages really pop.

Copy Teams

When a new season begins you can copy teams with players from past seasons to save time adding teams and players.

Merge Players

In the event a player accidentally is created more than once you can merge duplicate players to combine career stats.


You can manage a list of your referees and scorekeepers. Officials can be assigned to games. A report can be run to determine the number games an official has worked.


You system can auto calculate a return date and remove the suspension when served.

Player Attributes

Create custom fields to store information about your players.


Create new users to edit your stats. You can restrict access to certain areas of the stats admin.

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