Frequently asked questions

Do you provide website hosting?

Yes, we provide hosting for all our website packages.

Do you provide a domain name?

We do not provide a domain name. You can get your own domain from any registrar like GoDaddy.

Do you provide email?

We do not provide email. Domain registrars typically offer email packages as well.

Do you have contracts?

No, you can cancel your service at anytime. We do not provide refunds if you cancel in the middle of a renewal period.

How do I edit my website? Is it Wordpress?

There a website admin which you can use to create/edit your website. The website admin is a content management system similar to Wordpress but we do not use Wordpress.

Where can I get help to set up my website?

New websites are created with a base template as a starting point to get you going. Our knowledge base is loaded with video tutorials. If you get stuck you can email our support team.

How do I create the website background image?

Send us a request and we will be happy to create it for you for free.

Can you copy the data from my existing website?

We might be able to assist with data migration depending on format and quantity. Please reach out to our sales teams to inquire about website data migration.

Do you offer support?

Unlimited support via email is included with all of our services. We also have a knowledge base with tons of helpful articles.

How does the player stats pricing work?

Each month, the billing system checks if there were any games scheduled in the previous month. If games were scheduled, it will count the number of teams in that season and charge based on our tiered structure. This means that you are only charged for months which you schedule games.

Can BasketballShift team websites display league stats like schedules, team stats and rosters?

As long as the league is using any level of BasketballShift stats then BasketballShift team websites can display them at no additional cost.

What payment processors do you support?

Our website forms widget supports PayPal. Our registration system supports Stripe.

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